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we love cooking, we love cooking


Pick your ingredients and reveal the secret of most delicious recipes with us. You need just a pan and foodstuff to make myriad variations of perfect tastes for your everyday meals, special occasions, family and friends, traditional or trendy. Search for your favorite piece of cookware among our wide range of products, made to suit your needs, habits and culinary preferences... Because your cookware MATTERS!

We love cooking


Put together 55 years of experience state-of-art techniques and top quality materials, and you get cookware used by millions of households in Europe and worldwide.


The following collection of recipes results from three-year cooperation with the food blog "Me in the kitchen..." We hope that Metalac cookware together with creativity and knowledge of Olivera Senić will be inspiring for your culinary skills. We have divided the recipes in five parts: mezze, soups and broths, main courses, desserts and recipes for kids, making your search easier. Enjoy!

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