• Bain mariepot 2lit.

Bain mariepot 2lit.

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∅ cm. 16
H mm. 145
V lit . 2.0

Pot for steam cooking consists of outer enameled vessel and inner stainless-steel vessel. Between these two vessels there is a space / where water is poured. By boiling of the water it is provided that contents of the inner vessel are heated indirectly. The pot for steam cooking is therefore good for preparation of various thick liquids and puddings, creams. Before first use wash the pot for steam cooking with mild detergent, rinse and dry. First take out the whistle and pour 350 ml of water (for 2 l volume pot) into the space between the vessels (or 500-550 ml for 3 l pot). Then put back the whistle, and with desired contents place it on the stove and let it heat up, stirring from time to time. Constant whistling warns you that cooking is in progress. In case of long constant use, it is important to add water into the space between vessels not allowing that all water evaporates. After every use spill the water from the space between the vessels and every time before use pour in new water.