• Classic coffee pot

Classic coffee pot

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∅ mm 60 70 90 110 130
H mm 57 72 88 105 130
# coffee 1 2 4 7 12

High quality cookware in various shapes, colours and decorations. Main characteristics of enamel cookware:
• Good heat distribution
• Cooking on low and medium temperatures saves energy
• Totally resistant to all chemical effects of food during cooking
• Suitable for diet cooking
• No alergy threats
• Easy to clean
• Cookware with enamelled metal or stainless steel handles can be used in oven.

Usable on all stove tops:

Electric - always choose hob size most appropriate for pan or pot diameter you are cooking in.
Gas - adjust the flame so it does not touch walls but only bottom of your pan.

Vitroceramic and induction - before placing your cookware onto stove top always wipe both contact surfaces – vitroceramic or induction plate and outside cookware bottom.

Do not drag cookware over glass-ceramic/induction cook top surface to avoid possible damages. Always lift cookware when you need to move it over cook top. Do not shake frypans, woks or other deeper recipients on the glass ceramic/induction cook top surface while cooking.

• Before the first use wash cookware with warm water and mild detergent, rinse with clean water and dry
• Never heat up empty cookware. In case of overheating, remove pan from heating source and let cool up gradually
• When using induction hob which heats quickly never leave your pan without supervision
• Never put heated pan and lid under cold water jet but let them cool gradually to avoid thermal shocks and consequently possible damages to the pan
• Do not fill cookware over 2/3 of its capacity for easier handling during cooking
• Do not expose bakelite and wooden handles to direct flame or high oven temperatures
• Do not put enamel lid with plastic knob or thermoknob into oven
• Do not expose the glass lid to sudden temperature changes
• The glass lid with silicon rim and knob is not oven safe
• During cooking the cookware handles should not stick out of the stove surface (turn them towards stove center)
• Always use protection gloves or pads when handling hot pan or pot. Enamel food storage pots with wooden or plastic lid In case of enamel storage pots with wooden or plastic lid, please follow these simple instructions
• Enamel storage pots with wooden lid are mainly meant for preservation of dry foodstuff
• Enamel storage pots with plastic lid are meant for preservation of fresh and cooked food at room temperature, in refrigerator or freezer
• Wooden or plastic lid should not be used to cover pans during cooking or roasting, but to cover storage pots with cooled food
• Wooden lids are not dishwasher safe.

Easy to clean:

• Use any product meant for washing and cleaning of dishes, even those containig abrasives.
• For heavily soiled cookware, or if food burns, it is sufficient to pour in some water and leave for a while, then remove residues of burnt food with a sponge and wash off. Avoid scrubbing with hard sharp objects.
• Avoid cleaning with aggressive chemical products like highly concentrated soda or acid solutions.
• Should there appear limescale during use it is easily removed by lemon or acetic acid in 1:1 ratio water solution.

What else you should know about enamel cookware:

• It is suitable for all heat sources except microwave
• Enamel cookware is dishwasher safe, however bakelite elements could change colour with time
• Enamel surface can be cleaned also with products containing abrasives
• Due to high surface hardness usable with all types of kitchen utensils. Respect the environment – cookware and packing are made of recyclable materials
• Before putting it into waste separate and clasify the parts and dispose for recycling or according to local regulations.

Health conformity of METALAC enamel cookware is certified by accredited laboratories, while the producer is certified with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.