• Frying pan 25cm

Frying pan 25cm

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∅ cm. 25
H cm. 29

For long life of your cookware please follow these simple instructions:
• Before first use wash cookware with warm water and mild detergent, rinse with clean water and dry with a soft cloth.
• For best results always spread a thin layer of edible oil over the internal surface, removing excess oil with a kitchen towel.
• Use medium heat for food preparation.
• Do not overheat the pan or leave it unattended on a cook top.
• High temperatures and burnt food may affect non-stick properties of the pan.

If food burns, it is sufficient to pour in some warm water and leave for a while, then remove residues of burnt food with a sponge and rinse as usual. Sudden heating and cooling of the pan may damage the coating and the pan. Always choose hob size most appropriate for pan or pot diameter you are cooking in. Do not drag the cookware over the glass-ceramic hob to avoid possible damages. Always lift the cookware when you need to move it. Do not shake frypans, woks or stewpots on a cook top while cooking. Cookware bottom should always be well dry before placed on a cook top, in particular on a glass-ceramic plate, otherwise it will stick to the plate. Take care that both the hob and the cookware are perfectly clean to avoid any scratches to your glass-ceramic surface due to impurities. If you use gas stove, adjust the flame so it covers bottom of your pan only and your cookware will last longer. Always use wooden or plastic kitchen utensils to stir food, do not cut food in the non-stick pan. After each use hand wash the pan with sponge, warm water and mild detergent. Rinse and dry well. Do not clean with scrub wire or other abrasive products. This type of cookware is dishwasher safe. If your pan has a glass lid, do not expose hot glass lid to a cold water jet. Handles and knobs fixed with a screw may become loose with time. In that case tighten them carefully with adequate tool.
Respect the environment, classify the parts of cookware for recycling, or dispose according to local regulations.