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∅ mm 160 200
H mm 108 127
V lit. 2.00 3.70

Professional stainless steel cookware is made of high quality 18/10 Cr-Ni stainless steel according to the world standards. The collection is meant for professionals, though it can be used by anyone who wants to feel like a chef. Health conformity of Metalac cookware is certified by accredited laboratories, while the producer is certified with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

Prepare your meals with Professional stainless steel cookware in the healthy way:

• Cook without water and roast without oil or grease
• Preserve the nutrients
• Preserve aroma, color and texture of foodstuffs
• Care of your family’s health
• No vapors and odors spread in the kitchen
• Heat accumulation bottom keeps the food warm for 3-4 hours after cooking
• The 6 mm bottom is made of light materials, absorbs and spreads the heat evenly - cooking time is shorter and therefore energy is saved
• Energy saving up to 70% due to lower cooking temperatures.


DO NOT use abrasive cleaning products. DO NOT use high-concentrate solutions, like acid solutions for pickling. DO NOT use the cookware in microwave oven. DO NOT drag cookware over glass-ceramic cook top surface to avoid possible damages. Always lift cookware when you need to move it over cook top. Do not shake frypans, woks or other deeper recipients on the glass ceramic cook top surface while cooking.
Always dry well cookware bottom before placing it onto glass-ceramic cook top, otherwise it could stick to the cook top. Take care that both cook top and cookware bottom are perfectly clean to avoid any scratches to your glass-ceramic surface due to impurities.

Although each piece of cookware is finally washed in the factory and therefore clean from any chemical and mechanical impurities, before first use wash the cookware in warm water with mild detergent, rinse and dry. Stainless steel cookware is easy to clean. If food burns, it is sufficient to pour in warm water and leave for a while or bring to boil, then remove residues of burnt food with a sponge and mild detergent and wash off. Lime scale stains or blue-white stains from proteins may be removed with regular fruit vinegar. Dry satin finished surface with soft towel immediately after rinsing to keep the look and for shiny surface of your cookware for long time use cleaning products meant for STAINLESS STEEL. In case of golden-brown stains that appear if cookware is used with very high temperatures (not recommendable) such stains are unlikely or impossible to remove. The cookware may however be normally used. Always chose diameter of heating plate corresponding to cookware diameter. If you use gas stove keep low flame so it does not touch walls but only bottom of your cookware. If vapor comes out under the lid lower the cooking temperature until lid becomes still and continue cooking at lowest grade.