• Frying pan

Frying pan

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∅ mm 240 280 300
∅ H mm 420 430 430

Collection of aluminium pans with features and functionality intended for professional use and results. Before first use wash the pan with mild detergent and warm water, rinse well. Do not heat up empty pan. Use medium heat. Use heating plate which size matches the pan bottom. For gas cooking adjust flame to cover only bottom of the pan. Usable with all heat sources except induction Ergonomic stainless steel handle is designed for easy and safe handling

Always use plastic or wooden tools and never cut food directly in the pan Metallic and sharp objects may damage the pan surface. Wash the pan with warm water and mild detergent after each use. The pan is NOT dishwasher safe.

If food happens to burn, pour some warm water in the pan and let it soak for a while, then remove burnt residues with a sponge, not using steel wire or abrasives. Stains that can be created after longer use are removable if you make solution with one spoon of acetic acid in one cup of water and let it boil in the pan for about 5 minutes.