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∅ mm 260
H mm 400
V lit. 5.00

Metalac stainless steel cookware is made of high quality 18/10 Cr-Ni stainless steel according to the world standards with possibility for universal use:

Using our Juice Extractor you get a fruit juice with all vitamins, carbohydrates, acids and other natural components kept without adding any preservatives.

Carefully bottled by the instructions the juice can be stored for long and used out of fruit season.The Juice Extractor is universal you can use it to get juice also from vegetables and herbs.
Beside juice extraction it is usable for pasteurization and sterilization of preserves. With our Juice Extractor you and your family will enjoy homemade juice that fully substitutes fresh fruit.


Wash mature fruits eliminating all damaged parts, seeds and stems. Cunk bigger fruits. Cover the fruit with suggar as desired (see the table) and leave to rest for 1-2 hours. Fill the Water Heating Base with water (about 2 cm below the rim) and put the Juice Chamber over it. Put prepared fruit into the Aluminium Basket for Fruit Pulp previously inserted into the Juice Chamber and cover with the Lid. At this point the Juice Draining System has to be closed. Put the Juice Extractor on the cook top paying attention that the Rubber Hose is not in contact with the hot cook top surface.
When the water has come to boil vapour passing from the central hole of the Juice Chamber up through the Alluminium Basket gets in contact with fruit and initiates juice separation. The juice passes in opposite sense of the vapour getting down from the Alluminium Basket into the Juice Chamber which is connected to the Draining System by the Metal Tube. The juice starts coming out from the tube of the Draining System. Collect the juice in adequate clean (or sterilized) bottles or containers. For better juice quality you may pour first half litre of the extracted juice back into the Extractor. CARE AND PREPARATION

To prepare fruit juice both Juice Extractor and fruits as well as bottles or con.tainers, and of course your hands need to be perfectly clean.
Before using your Juice Extractor wash thoroughly all its parts with liquid detergent and sponge and rinse well with cold and then with hot water.
Glass bottles and containers which will be hernetically sealed also need to be washed with mild detergent and rinse frist with 0,5-1% baking soda solution and then with hot water. Such clean glass bottles or containers need to be heated immediately before you fill them.
While closing filled bottles or containers avoid touching the content and you may push out air bubbles by adding more juice.
Seal the filled bottles or containers with sterilized cover or fastener. Keep in dry dark and cool place with periodic inspecions.

• Quantity of extracted juice will depend on extraction time and how mature is the fruit.

• If you use the Juice Extractor to make sauces or dresings from vegetables, add your favorete spices and herbs.

- Chunk washed vegetables and increase extracting time (as needed) to 50-80 minutes, for tomatoes 40-50 minutes should be enough.