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Crispy and crunchy, with small amount of oil or grease perfectly fried... for meat, fish, vegetables and even desserts we offer a variety of frying pans made of different materials, with ceramic or PTFE non-stick coating. Have fun using our frying pans without sticking or burning and easy to clean!


Aluminum cookware collection with ceramic non-stick coating - exceptionally smooth with high anti-adherent performances. Good and healthy for your culinary experiences, economic and easy to use. Handle with heat indicator to signal that pan is heated and ready to start frying.

  • EcoPan ceramics
  • Product range


Aluminum crepe pan with non-stick coating – prepare your favorite dessert and have fun without sticking and burning!

  • Magija
  • Product range


Aluminum frying pan and casserole with non-stick coating.

  • Magma
  • Product range


Quality cookware collection made with PTFE non-stick coating inside and enamel coating on the outside, good for simmering over low and medium heat with minimum oil or grease. Easy to clean and care, dishwasher safe.

  • Prima
  • Product range


Linija aluminijumskog posuđa sa nelepljivim PTFE premazom sa pojačanom otpornošću na habanje. Granit Line omogućava pripremu hrane na nižim temperaturama uz minimalno korišćenje vode i masnoće, čime se štedi energija i vreme. Ručice tiganja, osim tiganja za palačinke, omogućavaju odlaganje kuhinjskog pribora i imaju indikator toplote koji signalizira kada je postignuta idealna temperatura za prženje.

  • Granit Line
  • Product range


Chef’s choice – Sirius collection of high quality frying pans made of 3ply material: austenitic stainless steel inside – 2 mm thick aluminum in the middle – ferritic stainless steel outside. Advantageous for its uniform heating of both bottom and walls this professional fry-pan allows you to act faster and save energy.

  • Sirius
  • Product range


Collection of aluminum frying pans for professional use – aluminum sheet provides great conductivity and heat distribution – stainless steel handle with silicon sleeve for safe handling.

  • Professional
  • Product range


Enamel on steel cookware made of top quality materials with state-of art production technology. Contemporary design , resistivity to high temperatures, damages and scratches, usable with induction, these are the main features of this cookware, an excellent choice for the family and healthy cooking to keep 100% authentic aromas and tastes.

  • Mažestik
  • Product range


Retro-styled frying pan good to prepare your breakfast – eggs will taste better if fried on the enamel pan!

  • Klasika
  • Product range


Standard frying pan with or without lid heats quickly and saves energy. Heat, wear and scratch resistant. Anti-bactrial and anti-allergic, easy to clean and care.

  • Standard
  • Product range


Prince frying pans with and without lid, heat up quickly therefore save energy. Good for high heat, wear and scratch resistant. Enamel acts anti-bacterial and anti-allergic, easy to clean and care.

  • Princ
  • Product range


Enameled saute pan Metline with stainless steel handle and glass with steam vent – good and practical solution for sauteed and fried meat or vegetable, heats up quickly and resistant to high temperatures, wear and scratches.

  • Metline Light
  • Product range


Stainless steel pan Kulinaria ideal for frying of meat, fish and vegetables.

  • Kulinaria
  • Product range


Stew and frying pans of Gracia collection good for frying and simmering of meat, fish and vegetables. Energy saving - easy to clean and care.

  • Gracia
  • Product range


Premium choice stainless steel pans for fantastic kitchen performance. You may fry or simmer meat, fish and vegetables. Good for low heat – energy saving. Easy handling with two handles – Easy to clean and care.

  • Legat
  • Product range


This heavy duty enamel saute pan is ideal for frying and long simmering. Long-lasting and resistant to various chemical impacts including acids generated by nutrients. Easy to clean and maintain.

  • Masiv
  • Product range

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