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    What smells so nice from the oven!? Cinnamon rolls or berry muffins or apple pie in a lazy family afternoon, what is greater than that! Or a good juicy meat-roast! Roasters round and square baking dishes with enamel or non-stick inside for your perfect oven performance!


    Enameled by hand retro-styled round and square baking dishes, roasters for perfectly roasted meats, vegetables and baked pastry. Lovely design of these items allows you also to serve food in them.

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    Round and square aluminum bake and roast pans with non-stick coating for your favorite pastry and meat, quick and easy without sticking and burning.

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    Enamel on steel cookware made of top quality materials with state-of art production technology. Contemporary design , resistivity to high temperatures, damages and scratches, usable with induction, these are the main features of this cookware, an excellent choice for the family and healthy cooking to keep 100% authentic aromas and tastes.

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